"Live outside 'the box', free from labels and always choose love over fear"

Born and raised in the DC suburbs (DM[V]), but New York City will always have my heart. Long Island University Brooklyn alum, former film major turned marketing/web geek, designer, and mommy blogger.

Huge space geek and physics lover, but had to forfeit my dream of becoming an astronaut once I realized math was involved.

I was one of the last lucky people to climb the big pyramid at Chichen Itza before it become the 7th wonder of the world and I could probably school you on ancient alien conspiracy theories in my sleep.

I suffer from RBF because I'm constantly plotting my next move and I probably didn't sleep last night. Hell, I'm writing this at 3:26am. I strive to apply passion and smart work to everything I do, including motherhood.

Happy to share my experiences with you! Don't forget to join my mailing list for updates. Wouldn't want you to miss any of the awkward moments or fun ;)

my squish.

my squish.

the most magical day... (please forgive our hair)

the most magical day... (please forgive our hair)


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